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Debate from the trails: How sustainable is cycling?
One of the things that we regularly wrestle with is the impact of the choices we make in our beloved sport. This month, we've been thinking and debating the environmental impact of cycling, and more specifically, bikes. Undoubtedly cycling is one...
1,720km in 7 consecutive days for Gordon Miller, Guinness World Record holder
From 1st – 7th October, Ride for Freedom founder Gordon Miller will attempt to set a new Guinness World Record, cycling 1,720kms (1,068 miles) on an e-bike in 7 consecutive days, shining a light on a documented human trafficking route from Africa to...
Let’s go wild
It’s been blazing hot and we’ve had torrential rain (sometimes in the same day) the sure signs of a British summer. To celebrate we’re sharing some of the most spectacular and ecologically challenged cycle routes from across the UK. There’s...
new look, same sustainability, possibly better bikes?
We started this journey back in 2014 because we wanted sportswear to be better. Better made. Better to wear. Better for the planet.Presca was created to offer brilliant clothing for the sports we love with the minimum impact possible –...
5 Best Zwift Alternative Apps in 2021 - Tried and Tested by a Pro Rider! 
Indoor cycling apps that are not Zwift: an introduction Zwift is probably the world's biggest indoor cycling software at this moment in time, having the largest number of users. But that doesn't mean there aren't any Zwift alternatives - there...
Zwift FTP Test, The Ultimate Guide To Max Your Score
Before we start, what is FTP? Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is purely the number of watts you can maintain for 60 minutes on Zwift - so your 1 hour max effort is your Zwift FTP. So, you have begun your...
What Are Zwift Levels? Plus 10 Ways To Earn XP Fast!
Zwift is essentially a game, set in the land of Watopia. As you progress through the game, you gain XP (experience points), and that's what makes it so addictive! Everybody starts at level 1 and moves up to the next level...
How to find the right custom cycling jersey for your team
Custom sportswear is becoming more popular than ever. It's a means to motivate a rider and unite a team, whatever level of the athletes. Looking and feeling great lends itself to performing great, meaning custom cycling clothing is an excellent...
Alpe du zwift - The Ultimate Guide To Conquer This Beast!
Alpe du Zwift? Don’t you mean Alpe d'Huez?  No, strangely enough. Alpe du Zwift is the virtual twin to the 21 hair-pinned climb in the heart of the French Alps (Alpe d'Huez). The virtual edition follows exactly the same gradient...
How To Find The Best Strava Routes - The Ultimate Guide in 2021
So you want to go for a ride, but need some inspiration, something new, something different, fresh tracks... We all have our favourite routes and, like pulling on a comfy hoodie, it’s sometimes reassuring to pound familiar tarmac with local...
What to look for in Custom Tri suits
What is a custom tri suit? Most triathletes know the benefits of a high-quality tri suit. It has to get you through the swim, the cycle, and the run, featuring the right benefits to let you perform at your best...
What to look for in a sustainable cycling jersey
If you’re looking for cycling gear that aims to be more sustainable, there are several things to look for - read our guide to the key points.
How To Find The Best Sustainable Running Clothing
Running is one of the most accessible forms of exercise. Whether you prefer endurance events or gentle 5kms to wake up the body, running has become a source of satisfaction in many peoples lives. We take a look at what to consider when choosing sustainable running clothing.
Best Ethical Sportswear Brands in Europe in 2021
There's a lot to consider when choosing sportswear. The quality, price, practicality, and style of clothing are what gives it a place in your wardrobe. However, as the world focuses more on how it treats the environment and each other, another factor starts to top the list.
What to look for in sustainable sportswear

Year on year, many more individuals and companies are striving to be more sustainable. That means doing more to protect our planet, our environment, and our people.

Jade Jones-Hall | Looking towards 2021
Jade Jones-Hall and Training partner Buddy For our elite athletes the training didn't stop in 2020, even during lockdown. It has required versatility, commitment and huge mental and physical strength, and we salute everyone who has kept on going during...
Swimming vs. Running - Which Is Really Better For You?

Both are forms of cardiovascular exercise included in sporting events like duathlons and triathlons, but swimming and running often divide people.

Benefits of Brick Training
A defining part of duathlon or triathlon events, brick training involves transitioning between two disciplines back-to-back without rest in between, rather than training one discipline in isolation. For example, swim to bike or bike to run.
How To Stop Jogger's Nipple In 4 Simple Steps!
Jogger's nipple, as we all know, is that uncomfortable chafing that happens when your nipple meets your t-shirt during a run. The longer you run for, the worse the chafing gets. 
2021 Sustainable Cycling Clothing
We’re all becoming more aware of sustainability. There’s an increasing focus on purchasing and using more eco-friendly products in a bid to protect the planet. It’s sportswear’s turn to take a look at its carbon footprint and environmental impact.
Indoor cycling training during lockdown – what to wear?
Here we go again! As we embrace the second national lockdown of 2020 we know that it is a time of great uncertainty for everyone, us included.