An Odd Day Challenge

We admit it, even we succumb to the mindless scroll of insta. But in between the how to ice a wedding cake tutorials and lame set up skits, sometimes something catches your eye worth pausing that thumb for, which is exactly how we found Odd days and more specifically co-founder Ali.

What is the Odd Day Challenge?

A running challenge designed to continue the discussion around mental health and raise money for the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM).

How does it work?

This November, a community of runners have come together, running on each odd day of the month, matching the date with the equivalent amount of kilometres.

1km on the 1st. 3km on the 3rd. 5km on the 5th. And so on.

The final week- 21km, 23km, 25km, 27km and 29km - is quite an ask.

How many people are going to complete it?

We use the term ‘complete’ extremely loosely. We’ve encouraged participants to start the challenge and see how far they can get.

The ‘rules’ are also relaxed. We have tried to encourage a number of collective solutions to individual problems.

Not enough time? In the morning, on a lunch break, or in the evening. Split the distance up. Distance too far? Message someone and divide the distance. An unmovable priority in life’s schedule? Nominate someone else instead.

The challenge is about commitment and communication. When things get too much, we’ve encouraged people to reach out to one another and share the weight.

Why a running challenge?

Everyone has odd days and we believe running is a trusted tool for managing them.

We run to relax. We run to re-set. We run to switch off.

To de-compress. To think less. To go slow. To go fast. To feel strong. To feel vulnerable. To reflect and to look forward. We run to change our perspective, to feel positive again and share a smile.


The Odd Day Challenge is focused on continuing the discussion around mental health. Talking to one another and lifting the weight of remaining silent.

Feeling a little odd and living miserably. We believe they’re different points on the same spectrum.

That’s why the Odd Day Challenge is raising money for the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM).

It costs £8 to provide a potentially life-changing call. That’s where any donations will be going.

What happens after November?

Rest first and then keep running...

We’ve been organising group runs this month. With 45 people in a Whatsapp group and 60+ runners involved via Strava, we’d like to keep the community going in the new year.


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