Bahé, the world’s first grounded running shoe

 Presca conscious capsule vest and bahe running shoe

When we were planning to shoot our new videos in Falmouth, Cornwall we wanted to find a shoe that connected to not only our aesthetics, but our ethics too.

Enter Bahé (Pronounced buh-hay), the world’s first grounded running shoe, that electrically reconnects you to nature - creating a seamless flow between earth, body and mind.

Launched this year by Kishan Bharwad and Alex Ward who were tired of the industry’s focus on speed and garish designs. They wanted to create a shoe that resonated with those who run for the sheer escapism of it and we are here for it.

The beautiful fully vegan shoes create a natural flow state between your body and the ground, by creating an electrical connection with the earth.

Designed with a minimal aesthetic, they prioritise plant-based and recycled materials to reduce their impact. The outsole is made from 65% natural rubber from the hevea brasiliensis tree to reduce micro-plastic shedding and combined with a EVA midsole infused with 5% sugarcane.

Working on Pre-order now for December '22 / January '23 delivery the presca community can receive an exclusive 15% discount until the end of September with the code PRESCA15.

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