Bristol Sustainable Fashion Week

Fashion is not sustainable. To be fashionable is keeping up with trends and new concepts, it's a forever evolving enigma. As far as I'm aware there is no one specific definition that encompasses what it means to be "fashionable!". (keep in mind this is a cyclist writing this, so far from a fashion guru!) But to be sustainable something must be able to be continued indefinitely without harming the environment. Fast fashion is the polar opposite of sustainability. But it doesn't have to be.

Bristol Sustainable fashion week aims to promote three key concepts, no harm, a cultural exchange, and collective action. Changing the narrative from cheap fast fashion to one that is designed with the environment as the centric goal.

From Friday 16th to Sunday 18th in Bristol, like-minded companies and individuals will be coming together to promote four practical themes that need to be applied to modern-day fashion to keep it sustainable.

Number one, reconnect, individuals must be actively engaging with how their clothing is manufactured and what effect it's having on our environment both good and bad, BSFW offers a forum for this to happen.

Repair, often people won't repair their clothing as it can be cheaper to buy new, however more and more companies like us are offering affordable services that allow you to repair clothing. We are also the UK’s only re-pad service, by replacing the chamois in old bib of any brand to keep them going for longer. We’ve even put together free basic repair kits to get you started, just pop by and see us this weekend.

Presca repair Kit

Repurpose, just because a garment has reached the end of its lifespan doesn't mean it's waste. The material can be reused and given a second chance at life. At Presca, we manufacture T-shirts and hoodies out of factory cutoffs, what could be considered factory waste we consider a future fashionable shirt.

Finally, regenerating, and using regenerative sources for sourcing material is vital to be considered sustainable. Companies will be sharing and discussing ideas on how we can improve sustainable virgin materials.

This weekend there will be a plethora of guest speakers (including our CEO Rob) and stands, so if you are interested in absorbing some valuable info and some free goodies, pop down and say hi to the Presca team.

And if after reading all of the above you are still not compelled to attend the sustainable fashion weekend, then I can assure you that myself and Ed from the Presca team will be providing top-notch chat around all things sustainable, cycling and coffee, worth the visit for this alone, right?

Jamie Price
presca community co-ordinator & semi-pro triathlete

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