Climate walk 2.0

You probably wondering what a climate crawl is, let alone a 2.0 version! It is like a pub crawl but replaces the drinking with questions on sustainability. I mean I guess if you are so inclined, nothing is stopping you from drinking whilst doing the climate crawl making it a pub/climate crawl...anyway I'm getting distracted.

To explain this unique Presca event I have to ensure you know how the app "what 3 words" works. This app splits up the world into square meters. Each square meter is assigned 3 random words. The point of doing this is that longitude and latitude are hard to remember and easy to get wrong. Whereas remembering three words e.g. them.lands.newest is easier and faster (by the way that's our head office's address used as the example!), As an extra bonus the app can be used in an emergency situation, if say for example you ran into trouble off road on your bike, 999 are able to find you from your “what 3 words” location, nifty eh?

The start of the crawl asks the first question, each team then decides which answer (and therefore location) they will head to next, using the “what 3 words” provided by the sign.

Team Presca recently attended the Blue Earth Summit, which is arguably the biggest private sustainability summit in the UK. On top of partnering with the event we also put on our climate crawl. But we couldn't just give easy yes and no questions to the world's leading sustainability experts. So we brought the questions that plague our team to the table, for example, what is better for packaging clothing? Recycled plastics or compostable bags? And because these aren't clear-cut questions, we attached QR codes to the answers linking to videos of the team explaining why we believe one way or the other.

Each answer, right or wrong is accompanied by the next question. The walk takes around 30-40 minutes depending on chat.

If you would like to conduct your own climate walk, get in touch with us and we would be happy to help you set up.

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