Driving Change, a Q&A with Rob and ecothes

Driving Change, a Q&A with Rob and ecothes

As part of ecothes Q&A series, Rob was asked to discuss discuss the inspiration behind the brand, challenges the brand faces, eco-anxiety, and what he hopes the future looks like for the sportswear industry, here is a little snippet of the interview.

What was the inspiration behind Presca?

My background is as an environmental scientist – I studied two degrees in that area and then worked in consultancy and local government for 15 years. At the same time, I started getting into my sports, particularly endurance sports like iron-distance triathlon, ultrarunning, etc. So I was getting more and more into the gear associated with those sports, and I suppose that’s where my professional background collided with my passion.

I realised that the clothing I was wearing was far from optimal in terms of its impact on the environment, potentially in terms of its social impact as well, because there was very little transparency about the way it was made. So like any naive entrepreneur, my Co-founder Guy (who is also my racing buddy) and I decided we could do better, and we founded Presca.

What was the most interesting challenge you overcame while developing technical sportswear from responsible materials?

When we first started the company, sustainability wasn’t even a word in the mainstream vocabulary for sportswear.

There was little understanding or interest in the environmental impact of sportswear, and the wider clothing industry and fibers and fabrics from more sustainable sources were really hard to get hold of. 

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Rob Webbon Presca CEO & Scientist


Rob Webbon
CEO & Scientist

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