Gary Laybournes Cycling Lockdown Tips

Ironman Athlete and Presca Ambassador Gary Laybourne offers his cycling tips during the lockdown. 

If you are restricting the distance you are riding right now to alleviate risk of injury or collision that could impact the NHS, it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice a solid workout. In just a one hour session you can:

  • Hit some hill reps seated and smooth to focus on glute and hamstring strength and/or out of the saddle, attacking as hard as you can.
  • Big ring; small cog and grind out low rpm, smooth reps to build power and strength.
  • Small ring; bigger cogs to generate more leg speed and help boost your neural pathways that your legs can have that explosive turn of pace.
  • Intervals of time or distance. If its speed and power you want, hit hard short efforts with longer recovery to get the maximum benefit or if it's aerobic building you want, go longer smoother efforts with a short period of spinning between.
  • If a safe stretch of road, do a small self-timed time trial and play around with your position on the bike to get as aero as possible.
Alternatively, if you are using a turbo trainer try: 
  • One leg drills in a lower rpm to build power and smooth out imbalances.
  • Fast cadence sprint efforts to recruit the fast twitch muscle fibres and boost speed
  • Low rpm efforts as per the above to build power
  • 'up and down the block' - 2-3 min efforts in each rear cog slowly coming down to the smallest.
  • Jumping off the bike to skip if you don't have a treadmill and/or are stuck inside.


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