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Adapt Photoshoot Presca ambasador Jake Woods & Sophia

 all photos by Wayne Reid

A few weeks ago we hosted an extra special shoot in Bristol with model Sophia.

Back in Summer 2020, Sophia found a lump on her left foot. After an ultrasound, MRI and biopsy, her and her family were told she had two rare types of cancer, MPNST (Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumour) and Rhabdomyosarcoma and that Sophia would have to have her foot amputated.

Sophia’s treatment started with 6 months of intensive chemotherapy and several trips to hospital for blood and platelets transfusions. She finished the treatment in mid-March 2021, and then had 6 hours of surgery for her below knee amputation on the 7th of April.

Paired together with us by the Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund - Sophia amazingly had taught herself to ride a bike and wanted to use her cancer experience positively to raise awareness for childhood cancer and amputees. We introduced her to inspirational para athlete and Presca ambassador Jake Woods.

Scottish born Jake had a rare primary bone cancer (Osteosarcoma) which affects about 160 people in the UK every year, most of whom are under 30.

Following a blood clot formed during a half marathon, a tumour was discovered at the top of Jake’s right femur. At the time he was reassured by multiple consultants the tumour was benign and advised against a biopsy. However, at the end of February 2020 his femur was snapped in half on a rogue night out in Scarborough. After a five-hour ambulance trip, and 12 days in a traction splint Orthopaedic surgeons put his leg back together in Glasgow but after a biopsy of the tumour, a cancer diagnoses given.

To treat the cancer Jake had twelve months of chemotherapy and 14 hours of surgery to amputate his right leg and part of his pelvis. Now Jakes focus is firmly on what he loves having discovered his talent for para-swimming, para-triathlon and wheelchair racing.

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