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We’re always looking at how we can reduce the impact of our clothing at Presca.  We think our responsibility should run through everything we do if we’re to have the biggest impact possible. So when asked recently about personal choices our team could make we put together the following blog. These are all changes the team have personally been looking to make if they weren’t already.

If you have a Google search for how to be a more sustainable citizen you're likely to come up with similar information time and again. This tends to include 

  • flying and driving less
  • eating less meat and dairy
  • using less energy
  • buying less but higher quality

All these things and many more are important ways that we can all reduce our impact. However whilst frugality is undoubtedly a very important tool we wanted to put forward some positive actions that we can all make quickly and easily.  Below is a list of four key actions that you could take today and if everyone did these things it would drive significant positive global change:

1.Change who you bank with

Money makes the world go round. It’s quite literally oiling the global economy, and there are a number of huge banks who continue to pour money into fossil fuels, wreaking climate havoc.  So what can you do? Banks live and die by their reputation and you can make a strong statement to them by voting with your feet

  • Look at the ranking for your bank:
  • Switch to a better bank (we love Triodos, or the challenger banks like Starling or Monzo also rank very well). It’s super easy to do, especially in the UK where we have the switching service which makes it a pretty seamless experience that usually takes just a week
  • Let your old bank know why you’ve left them: Send a letter of complaint once you’ve left

2. Change your pension provider

If switching current account provider is an act of defiance then moving your pension is a big dirty protest. If you’ve been working for a while you will likely have a decent sized pension pot, and you have the choice to divest this completely from the fossil fuel industries. This is not a move to take lightly, but it’s a hugely powerful one – take financial advice if possible. Take action:

  • Contact your pension provider(s) to understand where those funds are invested
  • Seek out funds that specifically focus on positive environmental & social impact
  • If your pension provider can’t offer this move to one that can
  • If you’re tied into a company pension that doesn’t offer a sustainable/ethical option discuss this with your managers

3. Change your energy supplier

Ok, so this is one you’ll most likely already be aware of. And to be honest now is not the time to switch energy suppliers whilst the market is in such a state of flux. But switching to providers of renewable energy and gas is a surefire way to accelerate the transition to a low carbon energy system. 

When the dust settles seek out suppliers who will guarantee 100% renewable energy and who are working on renewable gas too (this one’s a lot harder to implement but companies like Ecotricity are putting a lot of effort into it)

4. Stand up and be counted

The obvious one here is taking radical non-violent action with the likes of extinction rebellion, or Sea Shepherd. But that just isn’t everyone’s bag. There are many other ways that you can advocate for change, from the very local level right up to the highest levels of politics. 

  • Nothing speaks louder than action and we’re all for leading by example.  Organise or take part in a beach clean, litter pick, tree planting, etc, and take pride in your local area. 
  • Use your voice – one of the biggest impacts you can have is through using your voice to promote what you believe in. Speak to your loved ones, friends, and colleagues about climate change, pollution, social injustice, etc. You might be surprised about who sits up and takes notice.
  • Lobby your MP, they have a lot of power in parliament, and ultimately they are there to serve you.  Write to them, if possible meet face to face, and engage in meaningful conversation around the great environmental and social issues of our time. If you’re in the UK and are a business owner support the Better Business Act. If you don’t own or run a business call on your managers to get behind the Act instead. 

There are countless other ways you can make positive changes but the honest truth is we need to do all this and more. The scale of the climate challenge can seem overwhelming, to the point of being paralysing. But the greatest antidote to hopelessness is action. Similarly, hope without action is useless. 

If these non-radical but very powerful actions resonate with you please share with your friends family colleagues and bosses, and encourage more people to think about where they keep, save, and spend their money.

If anything in this blog has sparked your interest do feel free to contact us on or leave a comment below.

Rob Webbon
CEO & Scientist

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  • Brydie


    Hello! I just love all of these recommendations. Looking into my super provider now… Hope you’re well. B

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