Sustainability in design

As Creative Lead at Presca my job is to create really amazing gear that furthers us in our quest to really ‘play all out for the planet’.

To do this I need to take into account the whole lifecycle of the garment when designing and not just the way it looks. This means choosing recyclable yarns and fabrics (preferably ones that have been recycled already) then creating kit that is easily disassembled by the recycle facility after it’s had a super long life with you (and preferably seen a few repairs in this time - patches for the win).

So how do you know if your garment is recyclable? 

Statistics from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation show that just 1% of garments are being recycled worldwide, with most of the remainder being burned in landfills.

So what makes a garment suitable to be recycled? 


Mono fibre is always best, but what does this mean? Mono fibre or mono material is when the material of your garment is made from one fibre, for example 100% recycled polyester.  

This means no separation of different fibres is needed, essentially they can take the one material your garment is made of and make it back into the raw fibre again...ready to be the next amazing cycling jersey we design. 

Tri-fibre garments are fairly impossible to recycle especially if natural and man-made fibres are mixed. 

So always check your label. 


Ever wonder why some of our garments look *whispered voice* simple? This isn’t because Jacob and I are spending too much time at the coffee machine and slacking off. It’s because the less components a garment has the more recyclable it will be. Easy. 

So moving forward we’ve removed extra care labels, brand labels, buttons and we’re working with our factory to use recycled and recyclable zips.

“Every second, the equivalent of a rubbish truck load of clothes is burnt or buried in landfill.” - Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Our vision is to creates better kit for you, our community, so it can be used more and then used again.  So next time you're getting on your bike, just check your labels first (preferably ones that are printed on the garment though, eh).


Lily Rice
Creative Lead

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