Team Boompods Training tips during lockdown

Hannah Farran's tips:

  • Turbo sessions are a great way to keep fit and active, ensuring we don't lose fitness during this period. Zwift is a great platform to use, you can design your own sessions, join group rides and also it allows for that competitive element as there are races running all of the time. It is great to see British Cycling running a virtual race series.
  • It is easy to let your nutrition slip during difficult times, however, it is vital to our overall health and wellbeing that we make an effort to ensure we are fuelling our bodies correctly. Plenty of fresh fruit and veg where possible and also remembering to keep hydrated.
  • I really enjoy being outdoors so I find spending playing in the garden with Alfie, the Jack Russell, to be really beneficial to my mental health as it's time outside in the fresh air. 

Ellen McDermott's tips:

  • Yoga! Did I mention I like yoga? It's great for getting you out of bed and moving when motivation is a bit low. And in the evening you have more time than usual to roll around on the ground and see what you could do that you didn't think you could!
  • Setting up a back door crit session between family members. Or even an indoor assault course! Great opportunity to work on weaknesses in your body also, ie core, l/r balance, upper body strength.

Gaby Homer's tips:

  • Making the most of the one exercise a day we can have! It’s a chance to explore the local roads whilst they are less busy than usual. Also, riding solo is an opportunity for us away from all of the drama and give us some headspace to think and relax - focus on ourselves and our mental wellbeing.
  • Even if we are no longer able to continue to exercise outside in the future, we can make the most of the spring weather, by setting up the turbo in the garden. Setting up a turbo FaceTime chat could also give some company when training so we can still interact with our other cycling pals!

Lauren Watson's tips:

  • Keep a routine and try to stay busy. I’m still working properly from home so for me my routine hasn’t changed that much, and I’ve not yet died of boredom which is good! I’m also making the most of not having an hour commute to and from work every day, so I’ve managed to get some extra hours in on the bike too which is always a plus.
  • Discover a new hobby/learn a new thing. I’ve been doing yoga most days which I’m quite rubbish at and I keep getting bored halfway through but I’m going to stick at it and maybe at the end of this I’ll be as good as Ellen.
  • Make the most of being at home and actually spending time with people. This is usually the time of year when me and my boyfriend don’t see much of each other as one of us always away racing at the weekend or doing some bike-related activity, so it’s been great to actually spend so much time together! (May not feel the same way at the end of these 3 weeks).

Jenn Batey Haug's tips:

I like to enjoy TIME sometimes just time to sit, stand listen and look around outdoors. Appreciate those things we don't when I am blasting out the door late for work or just making it back in time from a ride for a quick turn around. However I can't do that all day so to put my time to good use I have and will be looking to do all those jobs around the house I never get time for like a spot of painting a little organisation and keeping on top of the gardening it's spring and I love to see my flowers come to life. I am back to running as I can do this close by and keep my cycling on the turbo. Loving spending time on eating a little healthier too, little and often!

Hannah Larbalestier's tips:

To try and make the best of a bad situation I've made a quarantine list of things to do while confined to the house. Servicing all of my bikes is one of them, and by doing this I'm hoping to pick up some new skills like servicing a suspension fork. I've also just got a sewing machine, so I'm planning to try my hand at making some bike bags, and I'm also planning to get back into painting. I've been wanting to try my hand at making croissants for the last few years but have never given it a go, so now seems like the perfect opportunity.

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