How to find the best sustainable triathlon clothing

You ask a lot from your triathlon clothing. It needs to see you through three different sporting disciplines, each with a set of unique demands. To achieve your best, you want kit that meets all of those demands and offers high performance and quality all in one.

In addition, sustainability might be fundamental to you. As an eco-conscious athlete, you want to make sure that the sportswear you invest in positively impacts the planet. To show appreciation for the environment you train and compete in; you want clothing that respects it.

The result of this is a complex list of requirements for your triathlon apparel that isn't easy to digest. Here's what you want from sustainable triathlon clothing and how Presca offers all of it in one high-performance tri-suit.

What are the options for triathlon clothing?

Over the past decade, triathlon clothing has become more and more specialised. As more people find their love of the race, apparel needs to exist for people of all shapes, sizes, and preferences. There's now a range of different options from which to choose.

Some people wear separate garments for each section of the race, changing from a swimsuit under their wetsuit, to cycling shorts, to running shorts at each transition. Although it's down to personal preference, this increases your race times, and a more efficient solution would be finding a single kit that works for each activity.

Another option is to purchase a two-piece suit, made up of the top and shorts. The reasons for this might be either personal preference or a size issue. For example, if your top half and bottom half need very different fits.

The third option is to invest in a one-piece tri-suit made specifically for a triathlon and is fit-for-purpose at each stage in the race, requiring no need for a change at transition times. It's usually has a full-length zip and is the favourite choice amongst professional athletes due to its streamlined nature and aerodynamic benefits.

Presca Endurance Tri Suit - Croyde Ocean Triathlon

What do you need for the swim?

Triathlon clothing needs to be the right material to get your race off to the best possible start. Similar to the fabric swimsuits are made from, it must be breathable and quick-wicking. These features help to reduce drag in the water during non wetsuit events and ensure the right resistance against it.

A tight fit and the perfect size is also essential, which is why a tri-suit is a practical clothing choice for your race. To provide optimal core support and encourage perfect swimming form, a tri-suit needs to compress the body in all the right places. A one-piece is the most effective way of ensuring this.

Endurance Tri Suit - Swim

What do you need for the cycle?

Aerodynamics is the top priority during the cycle. Your tri-suit should give you the best chance of speed by being extremely lightweight. Quick-drying fabric also ensures you don't carry any excess water with you from the swim.

As you reach the half-way point at this stage during the race, your clothing should prioritise comfort. Gender-specific padding and a custom fit go a long way at this point.

What do you need for the run?

As you reach the final stage of the race, comfort remains king. You'll continue to benefit from lightweight, aerodynamic, and breathable material here too.

Temperature control from zippers and UV resistance come in handy, helping you to regulate the right body temperature depending on the climate.

What makes triathlon clothing sustainable?

On top of all these discipline-specific features, it's also important that your tri-suit doesn't just protect you, but protects the planet too.

Sustainability is a broad term, used to describe a complex web of efforts that reduce the negative impact of something on the environment and humanity. Carbon footprint, waste materials, recycling, resource usage, and workers' rights all come into it. Look for sustainable triathlon clothing that is conscious of all of these things and check for the following:


There's no single solution to a more sustainable fabric choice but exploring a Brand's evaluation of options helps you understand the impact their manufacturing has on the environment. Obtaining the durable synthetic fibres that are necessary for sportswear from recycled sources is very positive. Blending these with organically sourced natural fibres helps produce long-lasting fabric and a garment that has a net positive impact on the environment.

Presca garments are made from recycled polyester and nylon from recycled plastic bottles, ghost fishing nets, and end of life carpets. Organic cotton and Ecovero also feature as natural fibres, meaning we acknowledge and negate our products' impact on the planet.

Read more about our performance fabrics here.

End of life 

High-quality triathlon clothing should last you many, many years. Its end of life should only become an issue after multiple triathlon seasons. A tri-suit is more sustainable the longer it lasts you as the production requirement for more clothing is less frequent.

When a kit does need replacing, there should be an end-of-life option to make it more sustainable. At Presca, we attempt to repair all our items. If this can't be done, we encourage you to send it back to us so that we can give it a second life and turn it into another piece of sportswear.

Read more about our use and recover ethos here.

Supply chains

To be sustainable, a manufacturer must ensure that its supply chain also upholds its standards concerning ethics and the environment. Codes of conduct and close-knit relationships are the key to doing this.

At Presca, all organisations we work with must sign our Presca Code of Conduct. We choose our partners based on the quality and expertise of their output, as well as their dedication to our shared mission. Keeping things as local as possible means that we reduce the co2 emissions we are responsible for as much as possible.

Read more about our supply chains here.


Avoiding the use of single-use plastic in clothes packaging is a big part of producing sustainable sportswear. There are many, less damaging options to go for including recyclable card or multi-use plastics that avoid poly-bags that end up in the ocean.

Read more about our packaging choices here.

Why is Presca the best option for sustainable triathlon clothing?

At every step of our journey, we put sustainability first. The mission of our business is to produce kit that supports every athlete and the planet. Sustainable triathlon clothing is our area of expertise.

We work with leading experts in both sustainability and sport to ensure that all our products pioneer the way for the best triathlon clothing in the market.

The Endurance Tri-Suit

Our famous Endurance tri-suit comes in a fit for both men and women.

From our Geometric Collection, this tri-suit maximises on high-performance and genuine sustainability. The subtle geometric design symbolises your consciousness of our disappearing ice sheets and showcases your commitment to supporting the planet.

Tried and tested by triathletes at the top of their sport, the Endurance tri-suit is designed for breathability, aerodynamics, comfort, temperature regulation, and practicality to get you through long days in the water, saddle, and on the ground. 


Shop The Look

Mens Endurance Tri Suit Womens Endurance Tri Suit


It features high-flex raw-cut sleeves, a full-length zip, and gender-specific padding for maximum comfort in every place. Rear pockets and a lockable zip are there for practicality and to meet the demands of your race.

Our endurance tri-suit is made from recycled materials. It's a net positive product, meaning any carbon emissions produced in manufacturing are offset. In total, by purchasing this suit through Presca, you save 4 days of drinking water, avoid 5.8km of driving emissions, and divert 115.2g of waste from landfill.

Custom Made Tri-Suits

If you're looking for something a little bit more personalised, then our custom tri suits offer just that.

Whether it's for a specific size or design, you'll work with our expert designers at every step of the way to create your perfect suit. This way, nothing will get between you and your ultimate race-day performance.


Presca Custom Tri Suits

Once you have finalised your design with our team, your custom tri-suit will reach you within 6 weeks. We can produce single or team wear, depending on your brief.

Get in touch with us to understand how Presca can build sportswear that's perfectly suited to you.

Explore our full range of sustainable triathlon clothing as well as our products for runners and cyclists in our online shop.

Presca is here for eco-conscious athletes looking to push their limits. That can be anybody. That's why we create sportswear that's not only high performance but is sustainably led, inspiring you to make the best choices for yourself and the planet.

Presca sportswear goes further. For you. For people. For our planet.

Guy Whitby - Operations Director

Blog curated by Guy Whitby (MSC) and Ironman Athlete

Guy Whitby is a medal-winning athlete and five-time Ironman finisher. He is Presca's Operations Director and Co Founder, and has drawn on Presca's wide network of professional athletes and sports expertise to collate these blogs.

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