The Egret - The Film

In 2021 we decided to make our first baselayer.

Lily wanted it to be beautiful, Rob wanted it to be climate positive and Guy wanted it to the kind of piece he could wear up a mountain, on a bike and for a walk, possibly all in the same day.

We started by finding the perfect fabric. It had to be something incredibly soft, stretchy for full freedom of movement and be both breathable and absorbing. Zero micro plastic pollution and solvent free.

But Covid and Brexit were causing delays. So we made repeated phone calls to the fabric guys, who each time told us about long wait times to have our fabric made. Unless we wanted the egret.

The egret length had been made and never ordered. A beautiful off-white colour, it was another victim of fickle fashion.

And so we decided to do what we had always done and root for the little guy. We bought up the egret and then called our friend Amy to see if she had space to craft our garments for us in Newcastle, England.

⁠The result? A tactile, high performance, packable piece. Zero trims, no dye post purchase, just a classic, simple design of a new best friend garment made in England.

⁠To celebrate we sent our kit to Porthleven in Cornwall to filmmaker Ed⁠ and asked him to document an adventure with friends. We kept it simple; good people, good coffee, good kit.

⁠Because ultimately our mission is to leave things better than we found them, driven by our passion for the outdoors.

And we think our egret baselayers are much better now we’ve made them.

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