The inspiration behind our harbour Jerseys

Colourful houses, as Bristolian as Princess Caraboo, the suspension bridge and blue glass.

A resident-led movement that’s become a visual representation of the cities unique rebellious spirt. Aided by the city’s topography and artistic inhabitants, the brightly coloured properties now span from Redland to Southville.

But who’s responsible for starting the inspiring trend?

It’s often claimed George Ferguson, an architect, entrepreneur, and politician may have been the first to paint his then newly acquired home in Cliftonwood in 1966. Marked for demolition with the proposal of flats to replace them, George morphed his terraced house from dull grey to terracotta red, his neighbour a few doors down following suit with a provoking blue, thus creating the template for one of the most photographed streets in the south west.

Or it could have been the cheeky local decorator down Totterdown way who having acquired a wash of brightly colour paints offered knock down prices to those bold enough to make a splash?

Clifton suspension bridge, bristol

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