We Can't Run Away From This...

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Are you passionate about the climate? Do you like sports? Well, this big green book is for you. And even better? It features little old us!

The content is similar to a long-run, tough hard-hitting topics but you will feel all the better for getting it completed. Damian balances out these tough topics with his passion for sport but at the end of the day talking in depth about climate change is not a light hearted topic, don’t expect a summery romcom read.

So where do we start? Damian highlights that there is a way forward but we need to be mindful of how we operate as athletes. Events organisers, sports companies, and athletes all need to change their approach to the sport. This is an ethos the presca mirrors in a major way. We need to be conscious of our impact and be proactive in minimising it.

“We Can't Run Away From This” addresses the issues around sports and how the industry has a horrendous effect on the environment. After reading this book you will never approach buying kit in the same way. And Damian is more than qualified to speak from first-hand experience having multiple ultra-marathon wins to his name.

This book embodies the ethos of the green runners, a group of runners co-founded by Damian Hall and Jasmin Paris. Presca is proud to actively endorses and support the green runners. The green runners believe that anyone can become a green runner if they follow their 4 pillars, how you move, how you kit up, how you eat and how you speak.

How do you move? No not how you run! This is to do with travel, our travel has a great impact on the environment, over 90% of an event's carbon footprint comes from people traveling to it. One of the green runners' main goals is to highlight this issue. We are now seeing events where people can only race if they travel via sustainable means e.g. public transport.

How are you kit up? In short, the traditional sporting industry wants to sell sell sell, but as a conscious consumer stop and think, do you need a new kit? Or is there a way to keep your old kit going for longer? This seems like a good moment to say presca has a workshop! We have a program that is designed to keep bibs short in use for longer by re-padding them. We are also accepting all your old kit, send your kit to us and you will be entered into a prize draw.

How do you eat? Leave no trace, it's easy and more cost-effective to make your nutrition bars plus no packaging! Also minimising meat consumption, no you don't have to be vegan. But it has been proven that meat harms our environment.

Finally, how you speak. We need to spread the word about green runners, we need mass change to have a major impact on the climate crisis we are facing.

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