We're heading to Blue Earth Summit

We're heading to Blue Earth Summit

We are partnering with the 2022 Blue Earth Summit, exciting I know! But not only that, we are hosting activities for everyone attending the event.

OK, let's take a few steps back, what is the blue earth summit? and why is it so exciting? In summary other than COP26 this is one of the best climate summits in the world. Up to 5,000 people are being invited to listen to world-class experts on subjects like the future of sustainability, and the creme de la creme being our very own CEO Rob Webbon who will be sharing his thoughts. A two-day live event for like-minded thinkers, explorers, and storytellers with a shared mission to make positive change and act in the interests of the environment.

To make this event even more special day 3 is being held at The Wave, an artificial surfing lake just outside of our home town Bristol. Not only is it going to be exciting to get to jump in the water and surf, but the wave is 100% powered by sustainable energy.

We are hosting our first ever climate walk, a principle developed by the team here at Presca. To participate people must download the free app “what3words”, this is a safety app that amazingly segments the entire globe into square meters, and each square meter is assigned 3 words.

Once the app is installed you are directed to the starting point where you are asked a question with two potential answers. After selecting what you think is the correct answer the app will indicate where the next question is. Easier said than done though, we have climate experts attending this event, so not only are the questions difficult, they're interpretive. Solutions to climate change aren't black and white, so these aren't yes or no questions. These questions are designed to spark conversation throughout the walk, encouraging team thought and discussion.

But that's not all! Back at Presca Blue Earth Summit HQ (or the gold gazebo if you’re not in the know) we will be testing your balance, agility and core body strength on dry land.

Partnering up with Swifty and Athletic Brewing our balance board- board will tot up the good and the great of Blue Earth Summit against the made in Manchester Swifty board. Constructed from a combo of natural cork and FSC Certified Birch Plywood these boards not only look beautiful but can earn you prizes. Stay on the board for more than 20 seconds to claim a non-alcoholic beer from Athletic Brewing, come top of the board and you take home the glory.

Presca and Swifty Board Competition at Blue Earth Summit

It's an incredible honour to be invited to help put on this event, and if you're attending the Blue Earth summit we look forward to seeing you there.

If you’re not attending check our social channels to see more (11th – 13th)  and we look forward to coming to an event near you soon.

Jamie Price
presca community co-ordinator & semi-pro triathlete

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