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Swimming vs. Running - Which Is Really Better For You?

Both are forms of cardiovascular exercise included in sporting events like duathlons and triathlons, but swimming and running often divide people.

Benefits of Brick Training
A defining part of duathlon or triathlon events, brick training involves transitioning between two disciplines back-to-back without rest in between, rather than training one discipline in isolation. For example, swim to bike or bike to run.
How To Stop Jogger's Nipple In 4 Simple Steps!
Jogger's nipple, as we all know, is that uncomfortable chafing that happens when your nipple meets your t-shirt during a run. The longer you run for, the worse the chafing gets. 
2021 Sustainable Cycling Clothing
We’re all becoming more aware of sustainability. There’s an increasing focus on purchasing and using more eco-friendly products in a bid to protect the planet. It’s sportswear’s turn to take a look at its carbon footprint and environmental impact.
Indoor cycling training during lockdown – what to wear?
Here we go again! As we embrace the second national lockdown of 2020 we know that it is a time of great uncertainty for everyone, us included. 
Life Cycle Impact Analysis
We reject fast-fashion, a cause of so many environmental and social issues globally.  From the outset we have tried to make more sustainable sportswear than anyone else on the market.
Sportswear that goes further – for you, for people, for the planet

We are producing sportswear that goes the extra mile - sustainable cycling, running and triathlon clothing that is better for people and planet.

How to find the best sustainable triathlon clothing
You ask a lot from your triathlon clothing. It needs to see you through three different sporting disciplines, each with a set of unique demands. To achieve your best, you want kit that meets all of those demands and offers...
Presca Sportswear | Widening our offering and Growing the brand
Here at Presca HQ things are changing! From today, we are changing our name, website and social handles to Presca Sportswear. 
Gary Laybournes Cycling Lockdown Tips
Ironman Athlete and Presca Ambassador Gary Laybourne offers his cycling tips during the lockdown.  If you are restricting the distance you are riding right now to alleviate risk of injury or collision that could impact the NHS, it doesn't mean...
Team Boompods Training tips during lockdown
Hannah Farran's tips: Turbo sessions are a great way to keep fit and active, ensuring we don't lose fitness during this period. Zwift is a great platform to use, you can design your own sessions, join group rides and also...
COVID 19 Update
Peter LillieCommercial Director and Co-founder First of all, and most importantly I hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe and staying at home. For the safety and well being of our staff, we have taken the decision to...
The Low Impact Athlete
It’s not an easy time for anyone at the moment.  In fact, it’s a downright uneasy time for many.  But at Presca we think it’s really important to keep thinking about our health and wellbeing, as well as the state...
Q&A with Vegan Tri Guys
1. What you have done in the past and in your cycling career? I started cycling when I was around ten on a mountain bike and then a couple of years later I got my first road bike. Once I...
Presca Ambassador Announcement - Jamie Price
We are extremely pleased to be able to announce Jamie Price as one of Presca’s 2020 ambassadors!  Jamie lives and competes in Bahrain, where he has trained for 4 years, kick-starting his Triathlon career.
Presca Ambassador Jade Jones- On the road to Tokyo!
Jade Jones has been a Presca Ambassador for 2 seasons now, we are extremely proud to support her successes and be able to support her in Training and competing on the Road to Tokyo.
We are proud to be attending this years Scottish Cycling Running & Outdoors Pursuits Show at the Glasgow SEC. The show is open 29th February 10:00am-5:30pm > 1st March 10:00am-5:00pm. We will have our Custom Teamwear sample range for you to...
2020 Presca Club Zones
The Presca Club Zone will return in 2020, this club zone sponsored by performance, sustainable teamwear brand, Presca Teamwear.  Following the success of the 2019 Club Zone at events such as the Ripon Triathlon and the Stockton Duathlon, the zone will offer an area for club members to congregate, change and...
Boompods Team Launch
Saturday 1st saw the launch of Team Boompods GB Elite Women's Cycling Team this weekend at NRG Cycles. It was a great opportunity to meet the Team and see the kit come to fruition. Presca are proud to be Team Boompods kit partners for...
Visit to Performance Days - Munich
When we first founded GRN Sportswear in 2014 there were a small handful of “sustainable” fabrics on the market that were suitable for our cycling clothing, and not many suppliers were engaged in the development of new fabrics, or innovating...
At Presca Teamwear our aim is to provide the most sustainable and environmentally-sound performance sportswear on the market.  We constantly evaluate the fabrics that we use to ensure they meet the demanding requirements of technical sportswear while having a lesser...