core collection

Feel it in your core.

Since the initial concept of Presca was born back in 2014, we’ve gone above and beyond to meet and exceed our ambitious sustainability targets, the quality of what we put our name to, and the range of sportswear we offer. But we always circle back to our origins – the core items that reflect what Presca is all about. And that’s what you’ll find in the Core Collection.

The Core Collection is offered in our signature brand colours of black and gold, for a bold, stylish look. It takes us back to our roots of cycling and triathlon, delivering sustainable, flexible sportswear that doesn’t compromise on fit and quality, letting you concentrate on the joy of the ride. It offers the essentials – a gilet, long-sleeved jersey, bib shorts, and jacket – plus a little extra… The extra expertise we’ve gained through designing and refining multiple garments for multiple collections; the relationships we’ve nurtured and grown with our sustainable suppliers and manufacturers; an upgraded understanding of our community which we’ve gained from feedback, consultations and lots of great chats. All the things that make us Presca are embedded into our Core Collection.

The Core Collection really is the best that we have to offer, in an understated, stylish range which puts the focus back on you as the wearer and your love of your sport.