sustainable cycling clothing

Make the best choice for people and the planet, when you choose Presca’s sustainable cycling clothing. Created using performance recycled fabrics in a factory powered by renewable energy, our eco friendly cycling clothing offers an unparalleled combination of performance and sustainability.

The difference is in the detail - our designers have focused on creating the very best clothing for cycling, while incorporating their expertise in sustainable design and sustainable fabrics. This is eco friendly cycling clothing without compromise. When you’re investing in your cycling wardrobe you will be looking for different features depending on the time of year and function – we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s a summer short-sleeved cycling jersey, a high performance bib short or a windproof cycling jacket, all of our sustainable cycling clothing is designed for purpose – whether that be breathability, wicking, aerodynamics or functionality. Our eco friendly cycling clothing range includes sustainable bib shorts, sustainable cycling jerseys, sustainable cycling gilets and sustainable cycling jackets and are available in a male and female specific cut.