sustainable triathlon clothing

Get inspired with Presca’s range of sustainable triathlon clothing! Our tri clothing has been developed to hit the sweet spot between high-performance and genuine sustainability, and has been trialled and tested by triathletes at the top of their sport. Kona anyone?!

When you choose our eco friendly triathlon clothing you can be confident that your choice can support both your best performance and a thriving planet. Created using premium recycled materials in a factory powered by renewable energy, the difference is in the design detail. Our sustainable triathlon clothing is designed for breathability, aerodynamics, comfort, temperature regulation and practicality and our tri suits offer a gender-specific athletic cut and premium chamois. Whether you’re looking for the latest in women’s triathlon clothing, men’s triathlon clothing, your first tri suit to see you through the seasons, or ironman clothing then you have come to the right place. Just like you, we like to push ourselves, and this ground-breaking eco friendly tri clothing is the culmination of true performance, authentic sustainability and inspirational creativity. Presca’s tri suits feature 100% recycled fabrics for the early adopters who want to make a difference; high flex raw cut sleeves for comfort during the toughest of races; a one-piece suit design with a full-length quality lock zip for cooling and convenience; rear pockets for gels and essentials; and an Italian tri-specific and gender-specific pad for the ultimate comfort.