our story

We’re a group of cyclists, triathletes and runners who are as passionate about the world we live in as the sports we love.

We started this journey six years ago because we wanted sportswear to be better. Better made. Better to wear. Better for the planet.

Presca was to created to offer brilliant clothing for our sports with the minimum impact possible – the kind of kit we would look forward to training and competing in, but that didn’t make us feel guilty for buying and wearing it.








the factory.

Presca: the timeline

2013 - Guy and Rob develop their idea for sustainable sportswear, while training for Ironman Kalmar

2014 - The company is born as GRN Sportswear LLP, selling bamboo tees and a single jersey made from recycled plastic bottles

2015 - First teamwear orders arrive

2016 - Range is expanded into bib shorts, tri suits

2017 - Innovation project launched to design new recycled yarns

2018 - GRN wins a sheaf of awards for innovation

2019 - First round of outside investment into the company

2019 - All manufacture concentrated in mainland Europe

2020 - First trials of chemical recycling of our clothing undertaken

2020 - Presca launched as a brand in its own right

2020 - First fully 'climate-positive' garments added to range

2021 - A new logo and website that celebrate our Presca community