"We should care about our climate because if we don't act now who knows what the world will be like in centuries to come? I want it to be safe and secure for future generations."

With her international heritage - Dad is from New Zealand while Mum is Canadian - combining with Cornish roots, 10 year old triathlete Aria is already incredibly passionate about the ocean and the outdoors, “I hate seeing rubbish in the sea and on the beach”.

"I love sports and always like to try new things. My main sports are cycling, running and swimming so I naturally love triathlons!

"Eventually you learn that the competition is the little voice inside you that tells you to quit"

What are the values that drive you?
respect, compassion and faithfulness

What does community mean to you?
Community means togetherness to me because for a community to be made in the first place you need to work together.

What makes you feel positive?
Lot's of things make me feel positive but my main drive is the support I get from my family and friends.

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