charity partners

With a mission to give land back to nature, forever, our charity partner Heal is to become the UK's first national rewilding landowner.

England is one of the world’s most nature-depleted countries, ranking 189th for biodiversity. 

Heal was launched to create spaces where animals can live freely and vulnerable species can recover, where everyone will be welcome to come and enjoy the peace nature brings. 

The initial £5m+, 500-acre project will be in the southern English lowlands. The site will grow wild from its seed bank, animal seed dispersal or by spreading seeds from nearby land. Becoming home to semi-wild grazers such as pigs, ponies, longhorn cattle and deer to sustain grassland, scrub and wooded areas that will together support a richer mix of species.

“Our sites will be places where wildlife can return and thrive, but they will also become sanctuaries for people. Our vision is to heal the land, heal nature and heal ourselves.’’ Charity chair, Jan Stannard