the problem

The current linear “take-make-waste” world of fashion (yes, sportswear is ‘fashion’ too) means taking resources out of the Earth, turning them into clothes, wearing them for a while, then throwing them away and starting over. Of the 100 billion clothes made every year, less than 1% are actually recycled into new clothing. Making or growing new fibres for clothing uses a huge amount of fossil fuel, so it’s an especially resource-heavy and damaging industry.

our solution

Taking our inspiration from the processes of life and renewal inherent in nature, we aim to be the world’s first truly circular sportswear brand. We design for circularity as part of our Design Philosophy, and launched our first fully circular garments in 2020. We’re aiming for all of our new ranges to be fully recyclable by 2022. So when your garment has genuinely reached the end of the road, you’ll be able to send it back to us and we’ll get it ready for a brand new journey as part of a newly manufactured piece.

Read more about our approach to circularity.