circularity approach

When you do feel like it’s time to renew your garment, instead of throwing it in the bin, why not try:

  • Repair: If it’s damaged, there are loads of skilled people out there who can fix your clothes to make them like new, or you can even watch an online tutorial and give it a go yourself.
  • Donate: Others can make use of your undamaged items, via charity collection. It’s important to note, however, that if your clothes are in a bad way, taking them to a charity shop may ease your conscience, but they’ll still end up in landfill (at a cost to the charity).
  • Return: Send your worn Presca kit back to us so we can recycle the fibres and make new garments. We’re currently working on a take-back solution and aim for all our clothes to be fully circular by 2022.

Presca’s high-performance sportswear is created from recycled materials – made from waste, made to last.

Since the outset we’ve been more ‘circular’ than our competitors, by using recycled materials in all of our garments and maintaining sustainable supply chains. Our design principles allow us ‘close the loop’ and prevent wastage of resources. These principles mean we design sportswear that is:

  1. Created from recycled materials. (See Smart Fabric Choices for more information.)
  2. Designed for longevity. (The main objective in making sustainable clothing should be to keep it in use for as long as possible, so our sportswear is especially durable and high-performing.)
  3. Repairable. (We are currently exploring setting up our own garment repair facility, or working with a specialist service provider to prolong the life of Presca products.)
  4. Recyclable/biodegradable. (The last step in the life of a garment, when it is truly beyond repair and reuse. Our first fully circular range was launched in 2020, and by 2022 all new sportswear products will be fully circular, with a process in place to return and recycle every item at the end of its life.)