our code of

I've been involved in the sustainability world for the last 20-years so it was really important to me that the company we we set up would be founded on sustainable principles. 

At its heart, sustainability is about a care for the planet and its people making sure that we leave this wonderful world in the best condition we can for our children and theirs in turn. 

Sustainability isn't just about planting trees (although we do love planting trees) it's about fair treatment of workers, considering the impacts of every choice we make, and ultimately looking to do 100-percent good - we're not there yet and we're under no illusion as to how difficult it will be to achieve but that's our guiding principle.

Our code of conduct holds every part of our supply chain to the same high standards across the board. It’s a live document that will continue to be strengthened over time.  Meaning we can create the best kit while playing all out for the planet.

our supplier code of conduct

1. employment is freely chosen 

2. there is no discrimination in employment

 3. no exploitation of child labour 

4. freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining  

5. payment of fair wages and benefits 

6. reasonable hours of work 

7. safe and healthy working conditions 

8. legally binding employment relationship 

9. environment 

10. anti-bribery  Rob

Rob Webbon
CEO & Scientist