Coffee Planet

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The last thing you'd expect to find in central Cardiff is a coffee shop from Dubai, however, Coffee planet is just that. As the first UK branch, it’s a small store that offers coffee direct from the middle east.

Newport Rd, Cardiff CF24 0FB


Q&A with Soffie at Coffee Planet

What do you specialise in doing?   
Our main specialty is Arabic coffee; the first coffee planet was based in Dubai and we are the first branch in the UK. 

What's unique about your coffee store?  
Are coffee beans, we offer both a house blend and traditional Arabic blends.  

Do you offer any discounts?  
We offer a student discount and if you bring your own cup, you get 10% off.

Favourite form of transport?   
I love cycling. It's amazing that Cardiff offers free city bikes to all students.  

Favourite coffee?  
I'm a big fan of flat white with coconut milk.  

How do you guys try and help the environment?   
We use an app called too good to go. We put the produce that is about to go out of date on the app, and people can come collect the produce at the end of the day.   

Do you prefer cats or dogs?  
I'm a big fan of dogs. 

Jamies thoughts

Coffee: Good
The Arabic blend is amazing, and they sell the same coffee used behind the bar for home use at a very reasonable price.

Snacks: Good
Good snack options and they do offer cold sandwiches, but not a sit-down meal sort of place. 

Chat: Great
The staff is lovely, and you are sure to have a nice conversation. 

Sustainability: It's a start
Not the focus, as the coffee is imported, however, they have an excellent initiative with not letting anything go to waste by using the "too good to go app"