the problem

The global clothing industry is increasingly built on the fast-fashion maxim of ‘pile-it-high and sell-it-cheap’. Clothes are designed to be made at the lowest cost possible. But cheap doesn’t mean good value. It often means clothes that can’t stand the test of time and end up in landfill or incinerated - because what’s the point repairing a £5 shirt when it’s cheaper to buy a new one?

our solution

We make and deliver our clothing using circular principles:
1) Use only recycled fabrics and fibres.
2) ‘Design out’ any wastage.
3) Manufacture every item to last – durable & repairable.
4) Ensure all garments & packaging are recyclable or biodegradable.

Our garments use cutting-edge materials made from waste resources like recycled plastic bottles and old fishing nets. As a result, your sportswear uses less water and energy in its production, and actually helps clean the planet by using up these discarded materials. Where we use natural fibres, we work with the most sustainable options available anywhere, and are constantly testing new fabrics to lead the way to fully circular clothing.

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