design philosophy

We invest a lot of time in designing high quality sportswear that will stand the test of extended use while continuing to perform at the highest level. High quality leads to longevity, so for each constituent element – from fabrics to labelling, stitching and zips – we are rigorous in choosing the best options throughout the design & manufacturing process.
We achieve this by working with partners who have proven expertise in garment technology and process design, as well as strict quality control and constant attention to detail. While it’s often an option to add additional complex blends of fibres or technologies, we have to assess the impact of doing so. We listen to athletes and ensure that the decisions we make will enhance real-world performance while not undermining our sustainability objectives.

Our approach is to design clothing in line with the principles of circularity:
1. Made from recycled materials
2. Designed to last
3. Repairable
4. Recyclable/biodegradable

To ensure that our synthetic garments are recyclable, we focus on using mono-material construction where possible, and are looking at how we can phase elastane out of our fabric mixes altogether, as it is difficult to recycle. 
And by avoiding the combination of synthetic and natural fibres we can ensure that our garments are always either recyclable or biodegradable.