Dragon Cycles

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Dragon cycles are a small family-owned e-bike store. This hidden gem sells affordable e-bikes and offers repairs and services on all types of bikes. If you're looking for a green alternative for commuting to work dragon cycles is the place for you.

300 North Rd, Cardiff CF14 3BN


Q&A with Dragon Cycles

What do you specialise in doing?   
Primarily we are a E bike retail store, but we also do servicing and repairs on all sorts of bikes. 

What's unique about your coffee store?  
There's plenty of shops around selling E bikes. Some of them are national, we are family owned. We have also constructed the way we run the shop off of customer reviews. 

What's your favourite type of bike?  
It's the main brand that we sell Hi-cuki bike. It's not the sort of sexiest name out there, but they offer unmatched value for money. 

Favourite form of transport?   
I love cycling. It's amazing that Cardiff offers free city bikes to all students.  

Favourite coffee?  
Latte with semi skimmed milk.   

How do you guys try and help the environment?   
We offer service where it costs only one pound to dispose of your used inner tubes in an eco-friendly manner. 

Do you prefer cats or dogs?  
100% dogs, we are very much dog friendly store.

Jamies thoughts

Services: Good
Although you might think this place only does electric bikes and scooters, they are happy to give you a quote on almost all bikes. Not a very big facility, but this family-owned business has everything you could ever need.

Specialities: Great
They offer very good deals on all things electric, if you're looking for a sustainable way to get to work, this is the place for you. 

Chat: Great
Lovely staff, that are happy to chat about what they have to offer.

Sustainability: Good
Inherently electric bikes are good for the environment as they help people transition from cars to bikes. They also offer a good recycling service for innertubes.