honesty policy

Why we will always be open with you, we recognise that sustainability is a complex, nuanced area of discussion and that there are no perfect answers. But we also know it’s far better to take steps in the right direction than take no action at all.

Sometimes we will need to change course to get things right. We’ve made some amazing progress already, and there’s plenty more to come. But we’ve also made mistakes, and are broad-shouldered enough to know that we’ll continue to do so.

Our promise to you is that where we see we can do better, we’ll work hard every day to make it happen. Where we find mistakes, we’ll own them with honesty and integrity – and work out how to avoid repeating them. And we’ll always take the time to answer questions about what we’ve done wrong, as well as what we’ve done right. Because that’s the only way we and others in the industry will improve. Please, ask away.