The little man coffee

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Situated in the city centre the store is perfectly located for a coastal ride from Cardiff. The little man is a independent coffee shop that offers very high-quality coffee and amazing customer service.

Ivor House, Bridge St, Cardiff CF10 2EE


Q&A with The little man coffee

What do you specialise in doing?   
We specialise in really good coffee.  We are a small independent coffee shop so we’re always up for a good chat.  

What's unique about your coffee store?  
The coffee beans, because we have our own blend and we work with local roasters to bring new blends each month.  

Do you offer any discounts?  
We only offer discounts to local businesses. However, we do offer a day pass, where you can get unlimited coffees for the day.  

Favourite form of transport?   
Skiing, I use skiing as my main mode of transport. All jokes aside I do like cycling.  

Favourite coffee?  
Latte, but I can appreciate most coffees being a barista.  

How do you guys try and help the environment?   
We deliver coffee to other stores, and we use an electric van to reduce our emissions.   

Do you prefer cats or dogs?  
Dogs! And we encourage people to bring dogs into the store, it always brightens up our day.  

Jamies thoughts

Coffee: Great
Although coffee was brought in from Clifton, it's clear their staff have been very well trained. Clifton coffee provides a consistently good been, and combine that with well-trained baristas, you will consistently get a world-class cup of coffee.

Snacks: Good
They serve a good variety of food and are located in a good location for a snack stop when on your ride. 

Chat: Great
The staff is super friendly and very excited to share the story of the company. Nothing but good things to say about the staff and management. It is always amazing to interact with independent coffee stores that are providing world-class coffee. 

Sustainability: Good
This store is thinking about its impact on the environment, delivering all their coffee via electric vans!