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Kent born brothers Lloyd Milner and Rory Milner may have shared an upbringing and education but their interests certainly took different turns. While Rory developed a passion for foreign languages and immersed himself in French, Spanish and Japanese studies, he eventually discovered his natural eye for photography leading to an award winning career and one of his photographs being included in the National Archives.

Elder brother Lloyd spends his days as a Carbon Consultant calculating and monitoring carbon footprints for private and public sector engineering projects. His love of science has meant previous roles for the 28 year old cyclist have included being a research assistant in the amazon rainforest where he assisted with data collection. Helping to establish the health and biodiversity of the surrounding area, Lloyd was so immersed in his role he managed to get two botflies nestled in his shoulder.

Lloyd's love for cycling started when he chose to ride to work. A daily weekday commute quickly evolved into 50 milers and then century rides at the weekend.

rory milner

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"there are so many reasons why
we should care about the climate,
so many that there isn't enough space to list them"

- lloyd milner

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What are the values that drive you?
Respect and appreciation for others, animals and the environment.

What does community mean to you?
Community provides enjoyment, strength and a sense of belonging. It is something that everyone needs.

What makes you feel positive?
Seeing and hearing people working hard and achieving their goals, however big or small. Nothing more motivating or positive than an inspiring story!
Hearing of successful conservation efforts and regeneration also never fails to give a boost of mood!

Why should we care about our climate?
“there are so many reasons why we should care about the climate, so many that there isn't enough space to list them. Yet, despite the seemingly infinite number of complexities and challenges that climate change will bring, this question can be answered surprisingly succinctly. The climate is so fundamental, that it dictates the way we live. A more extreme climate will result in tougher and more extreme consequences... on a more optimistic note, we still have the opportunity to limit global temperature rise, and prevent such disasters” - Lloyd

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