We’re proud to be the world’s first climate positive sportswear company.

Sustainability has moved a long way up the agenda since we took our first steps as a company in 2014. Now it feels like everybody’s talking about it, and that’s certainly something to celebrate. Yet real sustainability – doing more good than harm – is still a long way away for much of the clothing industry.

It’s estimated that while 100 billion items of clothing are made each year, less than 1% are fully recycled into new clothes. Can that ever be sustainable? The short answer is no. That’s why we’re trying to do things differently.

We’re not perfect at Presca, but the reason we set up shop in the first place was because we knew there were better, more enlightened and – yes – more sustainable ways to make sportswear.

Whenever you buy any clothing you are having an impact. Buying through Presca (and others who share our principles) minimises that impact. Our products may be uniquely “climate positive” – itself a huge step forward – but we still can’t say our clothing is truly “sustainable” yet.

In the pages below we share our perspectives on the climate emergency, more about our goal of true sustainability and what it means to Presca’s community right now, as well as the things we’re doing every day to make sure that we get there.

Presca’s Forever model: Circularity. Design. Make. Pack. Dispatch. Wear. Return. Recycle. Reuse.

you're investing in projects and communities

It’s about more than just carbon. By shopping our climate positive products, you’re investing in projects that promise stronger communities, cleaner skies and a greener Earth.

We offset every product purchased with Greenstory and each newsletter subscriber with Eden Reforestation Projects.