meet ed

business development lead

I support our customers wanting custom kit for their club, event, or business. My background is in communications in sport, including  working at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park during its London 2012 Olympics legacy remit, and third sector organisations. My love of sport and drive to give back to communities and the world led me to Presca.  

sports of choice are:
a few years ago I’d have said football with running, cycling and swimming throw in. It’s probably the reverse now

I love about Presca:
we’re trying to do 100% good

my favourite drink is
beer, my family are in the brewing industry so drinking beer is not just enjoyable for me, it’s also market research…

my favourite place is
Jersey – I’m lucky to have family on the island as it’s an amazing for running, cycling, open water swimming and surfing

my best event was
Westport Seas2Summit with my University friends - tough but beautiful location with a great night out after

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