meet lauren

workshop co-ordinator

A childhood fascination with the outdoors and the natural world evolved into a passion for preserving the environment as I grew older. Having a background in chemistry, the sportswear industry is completely new to me - but I welcome the experience. The values held at Presca closely match my own and helping it become the first climate-positive clothing brand is a truly exciting opportunity!

sport of choice:
Not really a sport but I really enjoy hiking. Although I’ve never really tried it, I think climbing or bouldering may be my true calling.

the last track I listened to was:
I’m really into Mongolian throat singing at the moment…

my favourite drink is:

Love a good IPA but water gives me fewer headaches and is vital for my bodily functions  

my favourite film is:
Not a specific film, but I am a Nick Cage fan and proud 

I wish I was better at: