meet lily

creative director

Working in sportswear design was fairly inevitable for me, perfectly mixing my passion for design and a misspent childhood filled with sport. In my youth I played football, learnt to surf badly on Cornish beaches and later took up long distance running with a smattering of horse-riding lessons, ballet (I was terrible and would hide in a cupboard) and gymnastics (again not my forte) thrown in. I hold a degree in performance sportswear design and have worked in the industry now for over 10 years. I’m dedicated to creating the most impeccable pieces of sportswear I can with the least impact on our environment because basically I really just prefer trees to plastic.

if I have a spare couple of hours you’ll find me:
running. Preferably with my dog Quinn and a great podcast.

what I love about Presca is: 
being part of a brand that’s a game changer for the industry. Our team is nimble, resourceful and full of passion, oh and we’re also quite nice people who drink a lot of tea. 

I wish I was better at …
writing bios. I'm off to draw some shorts instead…

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