meet simon

community co-ordinator

I am Presca's Community Coordinator, which means I try to get sports fanatics like myself involved in the company as much as possible! I do this through Strava engagement (One of my many obsessions) as well as other exciting events and opportunities which you should keep a lookout for. 

my sports of choice are:
Pretty much any sport that comes my way! The ones I spend the most time doing, however, are football, running, hiking, cycling and if I'm lucky - snowboarding.

My mates tell me I have too much energy for my own good. If I'm not out doing something high intensity or challenging, I'm probably not enjoying myself as much as I could be!

what I love about Presca:
the role I do aligns with myself perfectly. If I wasn't working here, I would be doing the exact same things, just without getting paid! I'm also very passionate about preserving this planet and I try to dig into the Presca ethos as much as I can both inside and outside of work.

my favourite drink is:
Dissaronno and coke.

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