the problem

We know how self-defeating and demoralising it can be when your otherwise ‘environmentally friendly’ purchase turns up wrapped in layers of plastic. (We see it time and again, even from the most ostensibly sustainable brands.) But we acknowledge that packaging is one of our industry’s biggest challenges and that every available option has both upsides and downsides. 

our solution

In 2020 we completely phased out plastic poly-bags and other single-use plastics from all our operations. We started to package our garments in home-compostable bags. And at the time we felt this was the ‘least-worst’ option available. Fast forward two years and after consultation with recycling experts we’ve decided to switch back to recycled plastic. You can read why here. But rest assured we still see it very much as a transitional step along the way to fully sustainable packaging. Expect to see our solution evolving over time, as we (and the packaging industry’s brightest minds) continue to wrestle with this challenge.