packaging approach

In 2020 we decided to completely phase out poly-bags and other single-use plastics from our operations. But if we can’t use plastic, and also can’t use paper, how do we look after your clothes in the post? This is where science steps in to save the day. Presca compostable bags are made from natural starches, and have almost all the same qualities as plastic poly-bags, but are completely biodegradable after use.

This small scenario – what bag do we put your clothes in? - has huge implications, and is actually a good illustration of Presca’s overall philosophy. By looking into the details, carefully weighing up multiple options, and investigating the latest developments that science and technology have to offer, we are able to arrive at the optimum available solution that has a minimal impact on the environment while still delivering a high-quality product and service.

Instead of despairing about what we can’t do, we work for solutions and progress. Of course, an even better solution than compostable bags may be just around the corner. And as soon as it’s available to us, we will be the first to tell you.