presca bib shorts - re-pad servicepresca bib shorts - re-pad service

pad replacement

While we know nothing lasts forever we want to extend the lifespan of your bibshorts and trisuits as much as we can. In association with Dr Pad we are offering the first UK based pad replacement service so that your favourite garments can keep racking up the miles with you.

Simply email with a photo of your garments. The team will assess if they are eligible and provide you an address and invoice for £25.

Once a week we deliver by bike to our local specifically skilled seamstresses who will repad your item before we post it back to you.

You and your garment can spend many more hours together knowing you've done your bit towards a sustainable future.


Do you mean to say you repair other brand kit? We sure do! Not all pads are suitable for replacement so just fill in the form above so we can check out your kit.

All suitable old pads will be replaced with our Dr Pad pads, which are used in all our Presca shorts. We work really hard to build relationships with the best, sustainability focused suppliers we can, and Dr Pad combines their vast experience, cutting-edge technologies and continuous research into innovative solutions. We think you’ll love them as much as we do.

Ouch, let’s not call it rejected. But sadly yes there are some pads we just can’t help yet. If you fill in the enquiry form above, we will check the pad suitability before you purchase a new pad. If you accidentally forget to fill out the form and post your shorts to us, and unsuitable kit will be returned and refunded, minus postage costs.

Yes, the more the merrier, just let us know how many garments when booking.