Pedal Power

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Pedal power is a very special establishment in Cardiff, they offer specialized bikes to help people with disability to enjoy cycling. There is a wide range of recumbents and 3-wheelers allowing people with disabilities the opportunity to explore Cardiff's stunning parks. If you're looking to rent any sort of bike for a casual ride around the park, peddle power is the place for you.

Off Dogo Street, Cardiff, CF11 9JJ


Q&A with Jack, operations manager

What do you specialise in doing?   
We specialise in removing the barriers to cycling. Most people assume there is only one type of bike. One looks around here, you can see there are literally hundreds of different types of bikes.  

What's unique about your store?
The number of different bikes we have, and our mechanics have worked on such a variety of bikes that we can practically fix anything.  

Do you offer a warranty?  
Warranties are pretty standard for three months on most bikes.  

What's your favourite type of bike?  
The i-strike is a lot of fun because you're so low to the ground. The I-strike is a 3 wheeled bike that makes it easier to balance. Allowing more people to ride bikes.   

Favourite coffee?  
I tend to stick with lattes these days, but it would just depend on the beans. If it's good coffee bean then I love black coffee.  

How do you guys try and help the environment?   
We try and promote cycling in the first place as it’s a more sustainable form of transport. So, one of the things we do is a lot of training and we also offer the cycle to work scheme. 

Do you offer any discounts?
We do offer a discount on bike rental to our members. But we are a charity so we don’t offer lots of discounts. 

Do you prefer cats or dogs?  
Recently we informally adopted a workshop dog, so I have to say Dog’s. 

Jamies thoughts

Services: Great
Very well trained staff, the entire staff team is just passionate about getting everyone on the roads cycling. So they have worked on every sort of bike under the sun.

Specialities: Great
They specialise in recumbent, trikes, and tandems, they can do it all. They do not necessarily specialize in top-end road bikes but they do offer a wide range of specific bikes to get everyone, no matter the disability, involved in cycling.  

Chat: Great
Everyone is just passionate about getting as many people involved as humanly possible. 

Sustainability: Great
TNo steps are specifically taken to help the environment, however, they are promoting cycling, and cycling is the most environmentally friendly transport method known to man.