Use & Recover

Presca is on a mission to create sportswear that goes further – for you, for people, for our planet. Our high-performance sportswear is made from sustainable materials with no excuses and no shortcuts. But we want to take this to the next level, and we need your help.

We want you to send it back

To make sustainable sportswear that goes the extra mile, when it reaches the end of its life – send it back to us.

Your sportswear should last a lifetime, but we know you work hard and play hard and sometimes accidents happen. If there’s still life in your clothing great - please donate it - but when it's genuinely reached the end of the road, send it back for a second chance. Contact us on for a returns label.

We will turn it back into another amazing garment.

Be part of the solution

The most sustainable thing you can do with your clothing is to keep it in use for as long as possible. So we don’t want to encourage you to retire it early! But for clothing that can’t carry on (in its current form) send it back to us and you will receive a discount against a future purchase of Presca clothing. And to keep it in use for as long as possible the older the garment, the larger the deposit you’ll receive!

Think of it like a deposit – we want to work with you to ensure every product we create is fully circular. That means, after a long and happy life, it can be recycled into new clothing.

Presca - a business that is built on the firmest foundations that always has, and always will, treat people and nature with fairness and respect. That way, everyone wins.