Rhostio coffee shop

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Rhostio is situated on Crawys Road a perfect start or finish spot for a bike ride out from Cardiff. They have some very impressive reviews and are very bike friendly. They are one of the few coffee shops to roast their coffee beans in house.

16C Crwys Rd, Cardiff CF24 4NJ


Q&A with Mr Tunahan Kirktepeli

What do you specialise in doing?   
We roast our coffee in house, in the basement below the cafe.   

What's unique about your coffee store?  
We use our own blend of coffee. Customers can also request single origin coffee from almost anywhere in the world.   

Do you offer any discounts?  
We offer student and NHS discount. We also offer very affordable cookie and coffee combination.  

Favourite form of transport?   
I drive, but I have a bike that I enjoy riding on the weekends.   

Favourite coffee?  
Fresh brewed V60 black coffee, I use an African bean to achieve a floral flavour. However, I'm a fan of Chinese beans.  

How do you guys try and help the environment?   
We are one of the official refill points for free water in the community. We also only sell glass bottles. We are the regional distributor for Husky Cups, they are coffee mugs only made from coffee husks, so 100% eco-friendly.   

Do you prefer cats or dogs?  
Both are equally good!   

Jamies thoughts

Coffee: Great
It is very clear that coffee is the priority of this store, this is the only coffee shop in Cardiff that I know of that roasts the coffee on site. To be honest I don't know of many coffee stores in the UK that roast coffee at the same location. If your looking for coffee excellence this is the place for you.

Snacks: Good
Its clear coffee is the priority, but they do have a good selection of snacks for if you get peckish.

Chat: Great
Very friendly staff that are always happy to chat, and the store brings a young eclectic group of people, a perfect place for a coffee stop or to study.

Sustainability: Good
It's clear they are making an effort to be sustainable, however, coffee is the main focus of the store.