Presca | Sportswear that Goes Further

We are very excited and proud about our next chapter in our journey to make sportswear better, and kit last longer!

Now we want to offer our 100% recycled and 100% recyclable kit to not just teams, charity events and companies, but to everyone!

To mark this occasion we’ve made an awesome video which we’re very proud of to help everyone understand Presca, our mission and what we offer.  We’re launching this with you on Friday - and we will share this with you then.  Meantime, here’s a sneak preview for ‘your eyes only’.

We are also now incredibly proud to be the first sportswear company to ensure all our kit will be net positive going forwards, by offsetting whole lifecycle emissions and planting trees.

On Friday we’ll be massively grateful if you could share our post / link to webpage on your social media help spread the word.  And include these hashtags #sportswearthatgoesfurther #longerlastingkit #whypower #demandmore

The more people we can make aware of what we are doing, the greater the chance we have to create a bigger positive impact for people and our planet.