trade in

you get credit, your garment lives on, everyone wins.

Fancy a change of kit but don’t want it to be the end of the road for your current Presca garments? Send us your old kit back, and we will re-purpose it, either by reselling as a pre-loved item, donating, or where possible, recycling. For every garment you send to Presca Trade In, you will not only be benefitting the planet, but you will also earn credit to use on something new from the Presca store.

how it works

select items to trade-in

start the trade in process below, here you will be then shown all your past Presca orders, and you can select eligible products for trade-in.

send in

once you have selected the products for trade in and accepted the credit value, pop your garments into the post using the pre-paid label.

get paid in credit

within 5 days of us receiving your garments, we will issue you with credit to use on your next Presca purchase.

garment lives on

depending on the level of wear, your garment will be re-purposed, or re-cycled, but you can be safe in the knowledge that we won’t be sending it to landfill (that wouldn’t be very sustainable of us).

get credit when you trade in your used gear

less than 30 days

if your kit is less than 30 days old, we may be able to offer an exchange/refund depending on the circumstances. Contact us for more information.

less than a year old

we know people change sizes, so if your garment is less than a year old, it should still be in excellent condition, so it is highly likely we will be able to re-purpose your garments, and you will get 20% credit to use on the Presca website.

1-3 years old

if you’ve loved your kit as much as we love ours, at this stage of its life it may not be fit for re-purposing, we may need to recycle , and we will offer you 10% credit against new kit.

3+ years

we commend your efforts. Because you have shown you clearly look after your garments, we are offering you 30% credit towards new kit.


1) Do you only trade-in in Presca branded products?

Unfortunately, at this time we are only able to offer credit for Presca purchased items.

2) Why aren't all my products eligible for trade-in?

Although we do our best, not all items, such as arm warmers are eligible (it would actually have more of a negative impact on the environment just posting these to us). On items not eligible, we suggest donating to a friend, family member, or charity to extend their life. We may be able to accept these items back as part of a larger trade in order, so we can donate/recycle them, but credit may not be given.

3) How much will I receive for my items?

The amount of credit we offer is shown against your item on the trade in pages. Once you have confirmed your trade-in, providing we receive your items within 4 weeks, that value won’t change.

4) How long will it take until I receive my credit?

We aim to process all trade-ins within 5 days of receiving them.

5) Can I send multiple items in for trade-in

Yes, the more the merrier, just select the product from the trade-in page.

6) What happens with traded in garments?

If your garment is in top nick, we will clean, re-package and place in our pre-loved section. If it could do with some TLC we will arrange for repair (pads are replaced by standard on bib shorts/tri suits) and your garment will be either pre-loved or donated to charity. If they've seen better days, we will ensure they are recycled as best as possible.

7) I have custom teamwear Presca, can this be traded in for credit?

We would love to offer this to our custom teamwear customers, however we are not quite there yet. Please don't throw it in landfill just yet, bear with us, there will be more environmentally friendly options to look at first.