Forever Tee - Acorn - Female

Forever Tee - Acorn - Female

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Female active cut, Grey technical tee. The colour has been inspired by natural dyes, the dark rich and deep colours from acorns have been used since ancient times

In nature, there’s no such thing as waste. Our new Tech Tee is inspired by this simple truth, and it marks the start of our journey to become the world’s first truly circular sportswear company.


  • It's made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and is fully recyclable
  • It’s made in Europe – which reduces emissions and increases transparency. Our factory uses 100% renewable energy to make our clothes.
  • It has a simple 5-piece design – go on, count them. It's a classic design which has a couple of benefits: it makes the t-shirt easier to repair and easier to recycle.
  • It’s made from tightknit fabric. This increases the t-shirt’s resilience (it’ll take whatever you throw at it) and reduces the amount of microfibres that shed during washing.
  • It’s wicking and breathable. We've designed a versatile high-performance tech t-shirt for you to use wherever and however you like
  • It’s printed using EcoInks. The colourways are inspired by colours in nature and are much less harmful to workers, wearers and the environment than normal dyes.
  • It comes in sustainable packaging – your t-shirt is packed in home-compostable garment and mailer bags. Please dispose of all packaging carefully!


    Our team of storytellers have been putting the forever top through its paces in various scenarios and sharing their journeys with us.

    "Considering it’s made from plastic bottle it’s SO much softer than I expected. It’s also really lightweight"
    Poppy, London

    "This T-Shirt feels great, does good, and today I ran my 2nd Fastest 5k EVER in it."
    Joseph Thompson

    "incredibly soft, lightweight and breathable."
    Lee, London

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    Fully Recyclable