Forever Tee - Indigo - Female
Indigo Female Fully Recycled and Recyclable Sports T-shirt Front
Indigo Female Fully Recycled and Recyclable Sports T-shirt Label
Indigo Fully Recycled and Recyclable Sports T-shirt Short Sleeve

Forever Tee - Indigo - Female

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Female active cut, Blue technical tee. Indigo is a distinctive blue, historically extracted as a dye from the leaves of certain plants.

In nature, there’s no such thing as waste. Our new Tech Tee is inspired by this simple truth, and it marks the start of our journey to become the world’s first truly circular sportswear company.


  • It's made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and is fully recyclable
  • It’s made in Europe – which reduces emissions and increases transparency. Our factory uses 100% renewable energy to make our clothes.
  • It has a simple 5-piece design – go on, count them. It's a classic design which has a couple of benefits: it makes the t-shirt easier to repair and easier to recycle.
  • It’s made from tightknit fabric. This increases the t-shirt’s resilience (it’ll take whatever you throw at it) and reduces the amount of microfibres that shed during washing.
  • It’s wicking and breathable. We've designed a versatile high-performance tech t-shirt for you to use wherever and however you like
  • It’s printed using EcoInks. The colourways are inspired by colours in nature and are much less harmful to workers, wearers and the environment than normal dyes.
  • It comes in sustainable packaging – your t-shirt is packed in home-compostable garment and mailer bags. Please dispose of all packaging carefully!

    • Made from recycled materials with an ethical supply chain.
    • Not tested on Animals
    • Vegan friendly

    • Wash at 30 degrees
    • Do not bleach
    • Iron on delicates setting
    • Do not tumble try
    • Suitable for Dry Cleaning (the P tells the dry cleaners which chemical to use for their cleaning)

    For all garments follow specific care instructions listed inside.

    Washing the ‘Presca Way…’

    We’ve put together a few tips about how you can reduce the environmental impact of your laundry. Reducing energy and water use will also save you money too. Our top tips are below, but please go to our EcoWash blog post for lots more info and advice.

    Customer Reviews

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    Sustainability that doesn't compromise quality

    This is an extremely soft, lightweight, breathable and premium t-shirt, that makes wearing polyester feel guilt-free. Knowing it is made from 100% recycled materials and can be repurposed after its useful life, makes you feel even better about improving your performance. I live in a warm climate and exercise in 30+C. The t-shirt doesn't make me sweat extra, and dries fast.

    The size seems very true to size chart and fits well. In general I'd say they are more towards the larger side. I'm usually in-between XS and S (more often), depending on the brand. I got XS based on measurements in size chart. So if you are lean you might opt for a smaller version if you're in-between the sizes.

    The only small nuance I noticed is that the inside stitches around the neckline feel a little rough (but I have a very sensitive skin). Maybe it will also soften after more use.

    I can highly recommend this t-shirt to whoever is looking for a sustainable alternative to their athletic garment. It is a great value for money, and I can't wait to try more of Presca's garments.

    And what was an extra surprise for me, is how Presca puts extra effort to make their shipment more sustainable as well - they offset their shipping CO2 emissions and the products are shipped in home compostable packaging.